The WhoWhyHow

Who? We’re Kara and Jason Hunter, your hosts at Hub North. We’re really just a couple of dorks who love to ride bikes and ski and play outside. We’ve put in some time as carpenters here and there in the world, so we have some skills when it comes to making things. We’ve lived in a few places, and in lots of small spaces, and have learned to love working with the intersection between comfort and function. When it comes to style we tend to stray from the purist lines- you’ll see that we like to mash things up. In addition to Hub North, we currently run a brewery in town and work with the local cycling club to build and maintain trails in the area.

Why? We spent some time traveling in NZ a while back and fell for that beautiful, functional, travelers accommodation they call the Backpacker. Somewhere between bed-and-breakfast and hostel, the backpacker is everything you need in a place that’s not your own, wrapped in a vibe that makes you feel like it is. The seed of an idea was planted.

How? We coveted the Sunset Valley Girl Scout Camp for many years as we built and maintained mountain bike trails all around the edges. When the opportunity presented itself, we veered onto this new path. With so much help from amazing family and friends in the form of everything from cash to cleaning, painting to plumbing, Hub North happened.

We feel committed to making the Hub a place you want to come back to. The fun of life is all around us- bike, hike, run, ski, whatever you choose. When you land here at the end of the day, we hope you’ll find everything you need to support the adventure and a great feeling that will follow you home. We’re always happy to chat about the day, help you plan for tomorrow or tell you the way to a good swimming hole. We look forward to hosting you!

Some entertaining befores and afters…