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We’re keeping it simple.

The yurt has limited space and power, so we’re keeping things simple. We suggest you do the same. See below for what to expect of this basic kitchenette. You are also welcome to use the gas grill which is located in the covered pavilion (you may want snowshoes to get over there:).  We recommend one pot meals, snack boards, reheats or packets for the grill.  Bring a cooler if you have food to chill.

Coffee, tea, sugar, honey, creamers

mugs, glasses, cups, plates, bowls, oil & vinegar, S&P

drip coffee maker, toaster, electric burner, water kettle

pots sm & lg, med frypan, cutting boards

small table and folding chairs

potable water, gravity faucet, draining sink, hand and dish soap

silverware and cooking utensils

mixing bowl, sm & lg pots