Glamping FAQ’s

What’s glamping?

Glamping is like camping, but a little bit easier. We have the yurts and canvas tents already set up with real beds, real pillows, real cotton bedding. We have a kitchen for you to use, clean bathrooms and showers nearby and lots of beautiful space all around. Show up with your personals, some food to keep you going and your appetite for adventure, or perhaps a hankering to kick back and relax, and settle in for a time.

How do I make a reservation to stay at Hub North?

Easy! Peruse the website for info and take a look at rates on the RESERVE page. Then just send an email to, or give us a call. Kara can check availability and take your reservation directly.

Is there a minimum stay requirement?

We have a two night minimum for a typical stay at Hub North, wether in the Lodge or glamping. Exceptions will be made whenever possible if you are touring through by bike, and on occasion based on availability and subject to a one-night booking fee.

Do you provide towels and linens?

Yes. You will find towels, bed linens and plenty of blankets waiting for you in your tent or yurt. Just ask if you’d like more blankets, we prefer that you leave your sleeping bags at home.

What’s the deal with food and cooking in the glampground?

We have provided a fully equipped kitchen for you to use when staying at Hub North. There is a fridge and plenty of shelf space for food storage, a gas range, bbq grill, microwave and everything you need for basic cooking. All you need is the groceries.

How far is my site from the parking?

Our glamping sites and outdoor common spaces are all just a short walk from the parking area. We provide wheelbarrows and carts for use when moving your gear from here to there. Check out a not-quite-to-scale map of our property on the Glamping page.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 10:30am. Want more? Just ask! If our schedule allows, we’re happy to extend these times. You’re always welcome to park here for a ride or a walk if you arrive early, and if you wish to stay late we may just need you to move out of your guest space.

Why don’t you allow dogs at Hub North?

We put a lot of thought into this one. We have decided that it is in the best interest of all our guests, close neighbors and the long-term health of our property that you kindly ask your pets to take one for the team and sit this one out.

Where can I rent a bike?

Give a call to Barker Mountain Bikes in Bethel or Littleton Bike and Fitness in Littleton for starters. Great Glen Trails will rent bikes to be used on their trail system at the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road. Ask Kara for other recommendations when you call or email .

Can I go for a bike ride, walk or trail run right from there?

Yes! You don’t even need to get in your car. You can access Coös Trails and Moose Brook State Park right from Hub North. Pick up a map in the office and you’re on your way.

Are there hiking trailheads nearby?

Yes. You can get to the Appalachia trailhead or the trailhead at the end of Randolph Hill Road in about 7 minutes. Pinkham Notch Visitor Center is just 15 minutes, and there are many, many other great hikes close by.

Can I rent the whole place for a group?

Heck yeah! Especially right now, we encourage you to rally your pod and take the place over. You can rent the whole Glampground, the Lodge or both! Check out the RESERVE page for rates and capacities.